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20 September 2021 (04:26)
15 June 2021 (17:25)

New Solo & Team bosses[#14]


Posted on: 15 September 2021 (03:18)
New Quest[#13]

Vocations Buffs

We have added a new challenging quest that grants you the power to use a unique buff that suits your vocation for 7 days, and after you lose the power you will need to re-make the quest.

Since alot has requested the addition of team hunt, this quest is very suitable for team hunting.

New Monsters









The above warden flowers gives "Forest Warden Outfit" upon using 100x of them


Poisonous Carnisylvan



Necron [BOSS]


Soul Tokens

Each buff will cost a certain amount of soul points to cast, and you can increase your soul points using soul tokens that are looted by alot of monsters, you can use !loot soul token to get the full list of the monsters that drop them


Sorcerer Buff

Sorcerers have the highest damage in game but they lack sustain, so we decided to give them [Phantom] spell that allows sorcerers to give invisible for a certain duration of time and the duration scales with level (max duration at 400k), while invisiblity sorcerers won't be seen either by players or monsters but they will still get damaged if they walked into a spell, and if a sorcerer decided to attack someone while invisible he will return back to be visible

Druid Buff

Druid's buff will be [Manaflow] spell and it instantly refunds a percentage of mana that is decided based on your level (max at 400k)

Paladin Buff

Paladin's buff will be [Annihilation] that allows them to make critical hits for a certain duration {critical hit chance + critical hit damage + duration of buff are all decided based on your level}

Knight Buff

Knight's buff is [Immortalism] and it allows them to block all the damage taken for a certain duration that is based on level

[NOTE]: The soul points needed to cast each buff increases as you levelup since buff also gets much better

[NOTE]: Those spells are subjected to alot of buffs/nerfs till they are perfectly balanced


Posted on: 04 September 2021 (01:28)
SpiderOT in Europe[#12]



We are delighted to announce the arrival of a fully remastered fresh era of SpiderOT in Europe after our historical 11 years in the US region,  our team has put extreme effort and a lot of time to create a unique gameplay in every aspect of the game, our EU era will be launched at the 15th of June and we will be pleased with your presence!

The time has come to go through our content and cover as much as we can to make sure your first presence is easier and stuff is understandable

Game Sets

The sets in our server are classified into 3 tiers, each tier has multiple sets and what differs from one set to another is the amount of protection against the seven attacking elements which are as follows,


Monsters or players make an output damage that is based on using one of the previous elements or a combination of them, so the sets are designed to protect you against these attacking elements, let's take a look at our sets under each tier.

The above sets are ordered based on their protection stats against the seven attacking elements we mentioned above.

The purpose of classifying them into tiers is linked to the way you are supposed to upgrade the sets to achieve better stats, let's take a deeper look.

Taking this gladiator set as an example, if you looked at any piece you will find that it only offers a maximum protection of 2% against only 5 elements out of 7 and as you can notice a tier 2 description is also mentioned.

We can also notice that its initially has 0 protection and you will need to upgrade it to reach the maximum protection of 2%, and that takes us to the elements stones.

The 7 elements stones are also classified into tiers which means the stone and set piece of the same tier can be used together, each element stone can upgrade the protection of the set piece against a specific element.

There are some stones in tier 2 and tier 3 can actually upgrade the protection against 2 elements at the same time.

All of these stones are lootable from hunting monsters and their chance depends on valuable they are in terms of giving protection per use.

Overall Protection

Since it might be a little bit annoying to calculate your current overall protection we decided to add the protection percentage against each element to the client as follow

Luck Chance

The process of upgrading a set piece using a stone is based on a luck chance that you can easily calculate, as shown previously when we looked at the gladiator armor we found that its luck chance is 40%, similarly goes for the stones, when you look at them you will find their luck chance is mentioned, the addition of the two luck chances decides whether the process will be successful or not.

Luck Stones

At some stages of the game, the estimated luck chance is low and that will actually slow your process toward maxing your set protection percentage against all elements, so as a way to increase your luck chance you can use a luck stone out of the following ones

Black Onyx Peridot Gemstone Radiant Gemstone

The luck stones can be used regardless of what is the tier of the set piece and element stone you are using, what differs each luck stone to the other is their luck chance and they are actually recommended for the late game sets.

Upon using any of the luck stone a special effect is casted and your luck is increased for 30 seconds and it expires once you make any upgrade process.


Under the same concept the rings were designed as follow

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

The rings are the only source of health/mana regeneration per second, let's illustrate how the system works for the rings.

The pots for the ring are as stones for the set, as you can notice pots are also classified into tiers, and they have two types one to increase the health regeneration per second and the other is for mana, in the previous picture it was a ring of tier 4 so we will need a tier 4 pot, you may also estimate the overall luck chance for this process, the ring has 15% luck chance while the pot has 10%, so the luck chance for a successful upgrade is 25%, so basically for such a ring you might consider using a luck stone to increase the overall luck chance.

The pots are also lootable similarly like the elements stones.


While it's commonly known that you most likely get an amulet to protect yourself from losing items, we decided that you will not lose items under any circumstance, whatever your amulet type or even for red or black skulls, but the main purpose for obtaining a good amulet is the level loss reduction per death, the better amulet you own the less level you will lose when you die.

As corresponding to Rings, we have a tier 3 amulet so we will target getting a tier 3 token aswell to start increasing the level loss reduction upon death and the overall luck chance is 55%, luck stones can also increase the luck chance for the amulets upgrade process.

The amulet will only apply the level loss reduction upon death if you are blessed, but for low level players that didn't even reach the blessing quest level it will normally work for them, if you didn't finish the blessing quest after 200k, amulets will no longer work.

Loot Finder

To make sure looting experience isn't a complex or worrying thing for you we have created a loot finder, a tool that will help you to know which monster drop a specific item you are targeting, we have built an in-game version and a website version as follow

As you can see when you search for an item and hover any monster out of the showed ones, you can see every single item that is dropped by that monster, you can also browse all monsters loot

The in-game version is a quicker tool if you are in a hurry to get the info you need, you can either say !loot fire exote or !loot Swampling, the result will be as shown above.



AoE Skills


No Yes



AoE Skills


No No No



AoE Skills


No No No



AoE Skills


Yes Yes



AoE Skills


No No No



AoE Skills


Yes No No



AoE Skills


Yes Yes Yes



AoE Skills


Yes Yes Yes




Auto Loot

Even though we are using a regular tibia client because we believe that it offers the maximum stability to our players, it didn't stop us to work on fully customizing it to bring unique features that eases alot of difficulties and here is one of these features

You can control everything related to looting from here, either enabling loot warning or even sound warning, you can also set autolooting for a single slot till you finish a 100k quest that unlocks a new slot but if you are interested to unlock more slots you can purchase an autoloot extra slot from SpiderShop.

Daily Task System

Starting from level 100k, you will be able to start a daily task after talking to NPC Richard 2nd floor of Temple.

The daily task is given for each server day and they are selected based on your level stage, the amount of monsters required to be killed scales linearly as you go higher in level.

You can start the daily task every new server day, it doesn't matter when did you finish your last task, what matters is that the new server day has came.

When you succesfully finish the task you will receive one of the 3 keys (bronze or silver or golden key) what decides which one you will get is the number of daily tasks you finished everyday in a row and also your level is a considerable factor in key type selection

As an example if you finished the daily tasks for 2-3 days (reward will be a bronze key) in a row then finishing it more in a row will get you a silver key till you get a golden key and the whole progress resets.

Since missing a day resets the progress we made sure that the task doesn't really take more than 30 minutes.

Unlock Boxes

When you use a golden key ingame your golden boxes balance increases and you can get the ability to unlock a golden box, once you press open a green box will randomly hover over a certain reward and you will receive the reward where the green box stopped, once the reward is selected you will receive it in few seconds in-game.

The items chances are different depending on how valuable the reward is.

The only source for getting keys is finishing the daily task, but in the future we are planning to introduce some special boxes with new keys obtainable from somewhere else.

Outfits/Mounts Room

This room contains alot of outfits and mounts that requires simple items to be looted but some special outfits/mounts require a certain achievement.

When you use the orb you will get a message with all the required items and a warning message of anything you are missing.

We have also considered those who are interested in turning into a monster outfit, and since you really can't own a monster outfit we created an outfit doll with 450~ monster outfit and it works as follow



You can access the full achievements list through our website, as you can notice achieving some of them is described while some others are kept secret, the achievements are required to obtain special outfits/mounts out of the room, actually its easy to bring the required items but the difficulty is when an achievement is required.

We are planning to widen the uses of achievements beside their need to finish special outfits/mounts, so make sure to keep an eye on the achievements list.

Whenever you finish any achievement, it automatically decorates your profile on our website as follow

When you hover any achievement it shows the description that was mentioned in the achievements list incase the description isn't secret one

Exp Boost

Hunting in SpiderOT is distributed into stages, every 50k you will have an access to new hunting spots, and as you advance in level it becomes harder to climb, so we are offering an EXP boost medal that doubles the EXP gained and it comes with a special on-idle effect

Medals Day(s) Source
1 SpiderShop
3 Quest
7 SpiderShop
30 SpiderShop
on-idle effect

To know the remaining Exp boost time you will need to say !expboost , the medal is activated upon using it without the need to relog


We have 6 events which are considered as the main source of spider  coins, the rewards of these events are as follow

Event Name Winners First Place Second Place Third place
Zombie 3 25 15 10
Zombie Apoc 1 30 0 0
Snowball 3 25 15 10
Hunter 3 25 15 10
3 25 15 10
Team / / /
CVR 1 30 0 0

The other source of spider coins is that we give them for active players every hour, the more active you are the more coins you will be getting.

If you went into the waiting room of any event and it didn't start you receive 2x spider coins.


SpiderStore is the place where you spend all your spider coins at, but the store can also include some content for premium points.


Extra Client Features

Redeem a Code

Our website allows free codes redeeming, hence we are planning to giveaway some codes at random moments, so stick around not to miss any free code

We also giving away a welcome code [spidereu] limited to the first 10 accounts registered with verified email

Account Recovery

Since we are concerned with every aspect of the game, we have built an automated account recovery system and that means we will only accept valid email addresses with active mail box upon registeration in order to recover your account automatically incase you forgot your password, without the need to contact a staff member

Houses Inactivity

In order to make sure that the decent houses are owned to active players who deserves it, we have activated a system that automatically takes the house of an inactive owner for 1 month, the items will be moved the inactive owner depot and the house will be totally clear and ready for a new owner.

Staff Members

Our approach in the European era is to start building a support team, but it will be quite hard to select any new members right after launch because there are much to understand, we are expecting to be selecting staff members 2-4 weeks after launch.

The previous mentioned content are all considered as a base start for our European era launch, you can expect us to be patching the server frequently to balance stuff and even bring more content.

Everything mentioned above is subject to be changed if we felt any kind of unbalance, and if you ever felt that something is unbalanced or should be changed please let us know, we are pretty much flexible with editing as long as you have your persuasive reasons.

We will be more than glad with your presence at the 15th of June and we hope we have met your expectations!


Posted on: 10 June 2021 (22:45)