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Patch Notes[#20]









Posted on: 24 January 2022 (08:46)
Merry Christmas[#19]



Christmas Box will be unlocked using Christmas key that is purchased with Christmas Tokens

How to get Christmas Tokens?

While hunting manually, a Grinch will spawn and the only way to kill a grinch is to use a new spell made for christmas called "Christmas Skyfall", you have to be above level 100k and hunting monsters that have more than 4 millions HP

 Participating in killing Snowman boss that spawns in Warzone

Being one of the winners of any Event

 Participating in killing any Boss, bosses will also give 25% more gold ingots during christmas event

Lucky egg will also give winners christmas tokens as additional reward

[NOTE]: You will be able to buy christmas keys after few days of the event, so we can set an accurate and fair price for each key.

Some other changes

Using a 7 days expboost will give 9 days while using 30 days expboost will give 37 days during christmas event

Killing a player of level 325k+ will automatically add 100% of the blessing cost to the main killer.

We are introducing a new teleport scroll that can purchased either for points or golden bars

SpiderShop is also offering 15% more points during Christmas


Posted on: 15 December 2021 (15:42)
Happy Halloween[#18]

Happy Halloween


Halloween Changes

The Mutated Pumpkin will spawn in warzone every 4 hours giving to every killer {15x gold ingot + 3x halloween token + some candies} and there is a chance to get rares such as { bat + halloween doll + pumpkin head + frozen starlight }

An access to !tp command that teleports you to all game bosses or temple

Dying to players will not waste your blessing

Death stick/Powershot will have no cost as long as you are using them on a player

Free access to the 350k+ buff spell but it will still cost soul tokens to cast

Bosses will give 3x Halloween Tokens to every killer and the given gold ingots will increase by 25%

Added 10% chance to get a Halloween Token directly added to your backpack while {manual hunting}

Added a new Halloween Box that can be unlocked with Halloween Keys, you will be able to exchange the collected halloween tokens for the keys at the end of event so that we become able to set an accurate price for them

You will find the Halloween Box right below the Golden Box, it has very rare decos that are introduced for the first time


Royal Retro Warrior is added to Costumes Teleport

Twilight Set is added to SpiderStore

Lord Azaram Outfit is added to SpiderStore


Posted on: 31 October 2021 (01:06)