Time 21 June
(10:18) AM


We the support staff of SpiderOT, reserve the judgement to take disciplinary measures against players for any valid reason, Therefore, to prevent such consequences, all SpiderOT players should abide by the following rules.
(I) Offensive Statements

A) Threats and offensive statements directed to any member of the staff, will lead to jail or ban time depending on the situation.

B) Banishment will be applied against anyone who chooses to continue using offensive language of any sort, towards staff members.

C) Griefing and destructive behavior which downgrades and damages others players experience in SpiderOT is prohibited.

(II) Illegal Advertising

A) Advertising other servers in any way or form, will lead to IP-Banishment.

B) Advertising trade exchanges or the sale of accounts, outside of SpiderOT will lead to a warning and if you did not stop it will lead to (1 day or more) banishment.

(III) External Applications

The use of all external applications is strictly prohibited.

A) Injecting or manipulating the client or using additional software to play the game, will lead to a permanent banishment by an admin.

B) Using external applications to level or train skills, gain PvP advantages, or perform actions without manual interaction of the player [AFK], will lead to a permanent banishment by an admin.

C) The Administrators will take action towards any and all unresponsive players in suspicion of using external applications.

(IV) Cheating

A) All bugs are to be reported to staff member immediately. Intentional or unintentional abuse of bugs or the exploitation of weaknesses in the gameplay or website, will lead to permanent banishment.

B) Attempting to steal other players' account information [hacking], will lead to banishment.

C) Impersonating a staff member, and/or claiming to have influence over the decisions of staff in order to threaten or persuade another player will lead to deletion.

D) Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information to staff concerning his or her investigations or making false reports about rule violations, will lead to banishment.

E) Bringing low level characters to block the way of war, or forcing other players to take unnecessary unjustified kills, will lead to a warning then banishment incase if you did not stop.

(V) Blocking Off Areas

A) Blocking off areas with characters impossible to kill preventing other players from entering it is prohibited, and will lead to jail time.

B) Completely blocking off entries while being unattackable, making it impossible to pass, enter or access an area will also lead to jail time.

(VI) Account Sharing

A) Players are allowed to share their accounts with those whom they trust, and are advised to use caution.

B) The staff is not responsible if a player is hacked or items are lost due to account sharing, INCASE if staff member helped you out, only half of the items will be refunded so that you have more responsibility on your account.

C) The account owner is always responsible of any and all issues arising from account sharing.

D) Trading, selling or gifting an account is forbidden, and doing so will lead to banishment.

(VII) House Ownership

A) Players are only allowed to own two houses in two different cities.

B) Houses will be taken indiscriminately away without notice from players found to own more than two houses in two different cities under several characters/accounts.

C) Houses will be taken away from players who have been absent for 1 month. Breaking any rules, may lead a player to lose ownership of a house.

(VIII) Scamming

A) Any kind of scam or attempt to scam is forbidden and will lead to banishment or deletion depending on the situation.

B) False advertisement, and tricking players to trade items different from those advertised is a scam, and will lead to banishment.

C) Tricking players or taking advantage of new players for items, money or accounts’ information is a scam, and will lead to banishment. Staff members will never ask you for your account information.

(IX) Names

A) Unsuitable names will be name locked and intending to create characters with unsuitable names may also lead to banishment.

B) Names containing language which is insulting, racist, sexual, degrading towards a gender or dogmatic belief, or others that would be found offensive are unsuitable and will be namelocked.

C) Names used to misguide and fake another players' identity is unsuitable and will be namelocked.

D) Names created to impersonate staff are unsuitable, and will lead to banishment.

(X) Guilds

A) Players who invite low level guilds to war, with the intention to raise their own guild’s kills count, is forbidden and may lead to a kills count reset and/or the guild’s disbandment.

B) Using other characters/accounts to join enemy guilds in order to manipulate and increase a guild’s kill count is illegal, and will lead to jail time and/or banishment.

(XI) Common Sense

A) There are many possible infractions not listed above as server rules, so always exercise common sense.

B) All directions and guidelines provided by staff are to be followed at all times. If a staff member asks a player not to do something, that player must cease and stop doing so.

C) Players are free to make reports on the forum site, if thought that a staff member has taken an unjustified disciplinary sanction. Spamming and erratic behavior will not be tolerated.

D) In severe cases the deletion or modification of character skills, attributes and belongings, as well as the permanent banishment of accounts without any compensation may be considered.

E) Disciplinary sanctions are taken under criteria of the staff, based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the standing record of the player.

F) These rules are absolute and equally apply to all players of SpiderOT.

We the support staff of SpiderOT, reserve the rights to duly update and change these rules at any time. These rules will be enforced equally and with no sympathy to any rule violators.