Time 04 July
(5:51) AM


img Name: Yazan
Vocation: Elite Knight
Sex: Male
Level: 471939
Kill / Death 813 / 18
Last Login: 20 June 2022 (02:01)
Created: 13 June 2021 (00:57)
Auto Loot Slots: 7
Guild: Vice-Leader of Cruel Fate
House: Spider House #20, Spider City



Death list

Date Info
19 Jun 2022, 17:00died at Level 471943 by a choking fear, Hadaron and a shock head
5 Jun 2022, 12:25crushed at Level 471948 by The Dark Ghost, Black Label, Camaro, Decster and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 12:19eliminated at Level 471953 by Hydekel, Soul, Decster, Camaro, Horror, Elder Morfar and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 12:14eliminated at Level 471957 by Soul, Hydekel, Im Sorry, Decster, Camaro, Black Label, Yazan and Horror
5 Jun 2022, 12:11eliminated at Level 471962 by Camaro, Im Sorry, The Dark Ghost, Decster, Elite Anubis, Soul, dragon lord and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 11:58crushed at Level 471967 by Black Label, Horror, Hydekel, Elite Anubis and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 11:56crushed at Level 471971 by The Dark Ghost, Soul, Cbum, Horror, Black Label and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 11:53slain at Level 471976 by Decster, Black Label, Horror and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 11:53eliminated at Level 471981 by Decster, Soul, Blessed, Elite Anubis, Cbum, Hydekel and The Dark Ghost
5 Jun 2022, 11:47crushed at Level 472074 by Soul, Decster, Cbum, The Dark Ghost, Blessed and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 11:46eliminated at Level 472079 by Blessed, Soul, Cbum, The Dark Ghost, Decster, Elite Anubis and Black Label
5 Jun 2022, 11:43crushed at Level 472083 by Blessed, Horror, Cbum, The Dark Ghost, Elite Anubis and Yazan
5 Jun 2022, 11:37crushed at Level 472088 by Black Label, Blessed, The Dark Ghost, Decster and Cbum
5 Jun 2022, 11:34crushed at Level 472093 by Decster, Elite Anubis, Cbum, Soul and Elder Morfar
5 Jun 2022, 11:30eliminated at Level 472097 by Blessed, The Dark Ghost, Decster, Cbum, Horror, Hydekel and Legit

Characters on this account

Name Level Vocation Last login
Ali 1842 Elder Druid 14 April 2022 (15:02)
Shadow 983 Master Sorcerer 28 March 2022 (15:03)
Dragonslayer 25 Royal Paladin 28 March 2022 (15:03)

Character Achievements
Login for the first time
Getting Started
Complete your first quest
More Power
Complete 5 quests
Login 7 days in a row
Get blessing for 25 times
Has Potential
Reach level 300k
Login 30 days in a row
Kill your first boss
Rule The City
Complete 15 quests
Holy Protection
Get blessing for 250 times
Get 50 unjustified kills on players of level 350k+
Kill 50 bosses
Dedicated Slayer
Kill 250 bosses
Obtain a single outfit out of the outfit room
Reach level 400k