New tibia player asks questions someone help.

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I am very new to the tibia world and this is my first tibia server…….

My questions are……

What rare loot should I be looking out for when lvl 50k+

I’m a Pali and wondering what the best weapons are for me and what level I need to be to get them……
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At levels 50k+ you should be looting tier 1 otaves, and shade tokens to upgrade your tier 1 equipement, also crystal coins.
100 crystal coins (cc's) > 1 magic coin
100 magic coins (mc's) > 1 gold ingot
100 gold ingots (gi's) > 1 gold bar
Gi's are the server currency, you can trade this money to other players for items.

About weapons, you can complete cobra weapons Q 50k, or loot glooth spears.
Check ingame loot using !loot itemname or !loot dragon for example.

Also for faster answers feel free to ask ingame <Help Chat>
Hopefully It helps you!
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