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Sinister Visions
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What's the use of spider coins?
Spider coins are used to purchase items from Spider-store such as mounts/outfits/house decos..etc. (Currently disabled)

Bot allowed?
It's illegal to use any kind of softwares/macros Nevertheless Spiderot offers an alternative (hotkeys repeater) , which automatically presses the normal hotkey for you

How to know monster's loot?
To know a monster loot u can either use in-game command "!loot monstername" or lootfinder https://europe.spider-server.com/items.php.

Is there an autoloot feature?
Yes u can use built in loot controller button above your eq , u will start with one free slot as u progress u will be able to get another slot by completing level 100k quest.

How to create a guild?
By using !createguild "guildname" u can also manage ur guild through built-in guild management button below ur eq.

Where to find npcs?
You will find most of the npcs on the second floor of temple.
-Eryn sells all kind of available runes.
-Richard for tasks.
-Edison will buy some items
-Spider king will turn off your pvp 3 days for 2 gold ingots
-House manager allows you to travel to your house.

What client version does spiderot use?
custom client.

Required items to complete 150k spell quest?
You need 5 warrior's sweet (Undead Gladiator) + 10 powerfull souls (smugglers) beside the book

Does manashield expire?
Yes , but dont worry most of the available rings provide you with manahsield , just right click on an equiped ring.

How to enable dash?
It's enabled by default however u can control dash speed by pushing the slider of "Set dash speed" on advanced options (gear icon).

What happend to old spider/Did they reset it?
You can login on the (us) version whenever u want , this is just a new remasterd/updated era hosted in Europe.

To be continued..
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Any list of weapons in-game? since the equipment room doesnt show weapons, i have no idea what weapons are possible to loot and what the level requirement is.
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What is the bronze key for?
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